Bobby Bowen – Hitting Back

Bobby Bowen came into our radar via article by VANESSA FEDER , where, his new project ‘Bully Magazine’ was being introduced. According to the article, “Bowen’s upcoming magazine provides young creatives with the chance to show off their often overlooked or under appreciated talents in fashion, music and design. “So, I’m starting this new magazine, Bully Magazine,” he tells Paper Mag“. And this exactly what be a ‘Guerilla Monkey Head‘ is about…taking action action and reaching goals when all odds are against you.


After this brilliantly written article, we decided to research the man through his Instagram page. The result was pure and utter ‘Gobsmackedness’. Bobby Bowen is a truly talented individual with a keen eye for aesthetics and excellent at delivering beautiful concepts.

We will definitely be on the lookout for the ‘Bully Magazine‘ and be sure to follow the progress.


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Niran is the founder of Guerilla Monkey Head (GMH), who is a thinker and a creative. He lives by the motto “Graft Hard…Achieve More”.

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